Yang-Yi Goh


Yang-Yi Goh is a writer currently based in Toronto. He grew up in Oakville, Ontario, earned a journalism degree from New York University, and has written and worked for the likes of GQ, ESPN The Mag, Complex and Men’s Journal.

At 21, Yang became the fashion editor of SHARP, Canada’s leading men’s lifestyle magazine, and SHARP: The Book For Men, a biannual luxury publication. For two and a half years, he wrote and edited all of the fashion content in both publications, while producing well over 60 photo shoots with stars like Sir Ben Kingsley, Daniel Radcliffe and the Trailer Park Boys. Additionally, he oversaw the production of numerous advertorial projects for brands like H&M, Gillette and Cadillac.

Yang is (sadly) a devoted Toronto sports fan, listens almost exclusively to late-’90s hip-hop and early-’00s emo, and enjoys wasting his time by watching Oscar acceptance speeches on YouTube.

You can reach him via email at yanggoh@gmail.com.

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